Why Vegan Voices of Color?

“Can we start something to show the intersections of PoC and the animal agriculture industry?” -Unique

“This is important. And it’s our responsibility as POC , to find a way to help our people understand that this isn’t about living some…rich suburban lifestyle. This lifestyle is a movement of justice for enslaved animals and it’s the most environmentally sustainable for our planet. Let’s activate vegan voices of Color. Actually, Vegan Voices of Color has a nice ring to it. Let’s hold on to it.” -Aaron

This is was the start of Vegan Voices of Color,  our first conversation on what was to become a medium for intersectionality. Our mission is to spread awareness on the connections of oppression that connect animal agriculture and People of Color. From health epidemics to environmental racism the links between our communities and those of non-human animals cannot be ignored. The plight of billions of sentient beings is integrally connected to our own. Unfortunately mainstream veganism is severely disconnected from most PoC as we see very few of our own faces reflected in the movement. This white veganism is also too often non-intersectional. We see that issues ranging from income inequality to food access are ignored, problematic connections of racism to speciesism runs rampant without enough critical thought put into these comparisons. Tired of seeing how this problematic veganism turn so many people away we strive to provide a space to link culture, race, income, and ethics together under the solidarity of social justice.


3 thoughts on “Why Vegan Voices of Color?

  1. omgosh.. finally found some intersectional veganism…

    as a white-coded Metis cis-het male.. I wasn’t comfortable ever calling myself vegan — even when i was a strict vegan for many months.. I changed my identity to ‘plant-based’ to distance myself from the white settler liberal veganism i saw blatantly plastered across the web.. bleh.

    thank you for your work, thank you for your emotional labour and your effort!

    in sol.



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